Regarded as the Ambassador for American Education in Vietnam, Mr. Rich first started coming to Vietnam in the mid-1990’s seeking opportunities to send local students to America to study. In 1997 he identified and supported the awarding of scholarships to the first 3 Vietnamese students to attend Oregon Episcopal School, and since that time has sent more than 2,000 Vietnamese students to America’s top Boarding Schools and Universities. Mr. Rich founded AEG in 1997 and fully relocated to Vietnam in 2007 with AEG as the exclusive representative of the ASSIST Scholarship. Mr. Rich is a former Teacher, Admissions Officer and International Development Director for American Boarding High Schools, during which time he traveled to more than 50 countries seeking out top students to attend America’s most elite universities and boarding schools including Exeter, Andover, Taft, Choate and Hotchkiss. Mr. Rich is Vice-President of the Board of Trustees of Concordia International School in Vietnam and is an Advisor to Jay Pritzker Academy in Cambodia.


A graduate of Foreign Trade University in Hanoi, Ms. Hoan spent her early career working for the Canadian multinational ESSA until 1999 when she went to live in the US. For more than 8 years in America she worked in the education field, primarily supporting Vietnamese students who had come to America to study. Since AEG was founded in 1997 Ms. Hoan and Mr. Rich have worked together to promote American education in Vietnam and support Vietnamese students to attend the best schools in the world. Together over 20 years Ms. Hoan and Mr. Rich have supported students worldwide in receiving more than $110 million in scholarships and financial aid. AEG students have been admitted to a wide range of top American universities including Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT and Stanford.


Ms. Caitlin Worsham comes from Charleston, SC, USA. She graduated with BA in English with an Honors in Creative Writing from Brown University, and later received an MA in English from Tulane University. She has been teaching and counseling in Vietnam for eight years and has over 13 years experience in these areas. She specializes in academic and creative writing instruction, English literature and college counseling; and she has assisted over 400 students with boarding school, college and graduate school placement. During her time here, she has developed an AEG-specific SAT teaching methodology and since she’s currently the Director of Academics and College Counseling, she has a great interest in curriculum development and implementation spanning all subjects. Her teaching experience ranges from Brown University to Duke University to Suffolk University to Bunker Hill Community College to The Federal Correctional Institution of California in Dublin.


Ms. Chi Thuc Ha comes from Los Angeles, California, United States. She received her Master Degree in Asian Studies from University of California, Berkeley and her Bachelor’s degree in Bilogy from Pomona College. She has been at AEG since 2012. As the Director of University Admissions for the AEG HCM office, she works closely with students who are interested in learning how an international education might be a good fit for them. She’s also on the academic committee for Vietnam’s Asia Leadership Trek. Before coming to AEG, she taught and did research internationally for many years


Mr. Dalton Sherwood comes from Salt Lake City, Utah. He graduated from University of Utah with a B.A Linguistics, Spanish Minor. He has been with AEG for more than six years after two years teaching in Spain. During his time with AEG, he has played a major role in developing the AEG curriculum and Summer Program as well as building our SSAT tutoring program. He is passionate about test preparation and have worked hard over a number of years to become an expert on the best ways to help students achieve top scores


Mr. Charles Krahn comes from Fort Collins, Colorado, USA. He received Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from Gonzaga University. I have been teaching in Vietnam since 2012. I have been at AEG since 2013 teaching SSAT, TOEFL, ACT, SAT, General English, and Advanced Writing. Before coming to Vietnam, I worked for a year in Ghana as a math, science and English teacher in Sang Village.



Ms.Nancy Nolan comes from Maryland, USA. She received B.S in Business Administration from State University of New York at Farrmingdale, AAS. She alo joined Graduate level education courses in University of Virginia and Salem State College. She has had close to 40 years of experience in boarding schools – as teacher, advisor, mentor, director of admissions, director of enrollment management, assistant head of school, associate head of school, and director of institutional advancement. She has served on numerous regional and national organizations, including presiding over the Virginia Admissions Group, board membership on the Mid-Atlantic Episcopal School Association, the Admission Leadership Council, and is currently vice-president of Small Boarding Schools Association.  She also presented at numerous conferences, including The Association of Boarding Schools, Independent Educational Consultant Association, Enrollment Management Association (SSATB), Small Boarding Schools Conference and the Association of Independent School Admissions Professionals Institute.