Perhaps one of the most frequent questions we get at AEG is about financial aid and scholarships. The first and most important thing we answer is that we do not provide financial aid or scholarships, but we facilitate the process for students with financial support needs. AEG holds true to the idea that excellent students deserve prestigious education opportunities, regardless of their financial ability. Toward this, AEG coordinates with parents, schools and other relevant organizations to facilitate the financial aid process and do everything possible to help qualified students achieve their financial goals.

Many students and families in Vietnam are interested in scholarships and financial aid. It is the goal of AEG to help great Vietnamese students find the funding they need to study in the US. There are basically two types of financial aid, merit based and need based aid.

Merit-based aid is given to students based on ability. Basically, if you are smart you can get money. Need-based aid is given to students based on their parents’ ability to pay. Their income, assets and investments are considered. On average, AEG students qualify for more than $5,000,000 in total financial aid each year.

Boarding schools offer only need-based financial aid and some schools are willing to invest in very bright young people’s education. However, it is the parents’ responsibility to pay the expenses for boarding school commensurate with their income and assets. Parents are required to complete the parents’ financial statement. (http://sss.nais.org/). This form will allow the National Association of Independent Schools to make a financial assessment for the family for the school. AEG also makes financial recommendations for its clients to schools.

Universities on the other hand offer both need-based and merit-based financial aid. Families who wish to apply for aid must complete the International Student Financial Aid forms available through College Board or through the individual schools. Not all universities offer aid to international students, so choosing schools properly is very important. Most schools offer no more than 50% financial aid to students; therefore families who wish to apply for financial aid should be prepared to contribute at least that amount.