AEG Vietnam is one of the country’s oldest and most respected educational consultancies. We specialize in supporting students through the admissions process to US academic institutions. As members of NACAC, OACAC and IECA, we have a commitment to integrity and our reputation for ethics is unmatched. To ensure that every one of our students goes to the institution that is right for them, we neither solicit nor accept fees from US colleges, universities and boarding schools. We strive through example to be the best-reputed education consultancy in the region, and in doing so we aim to make US application standards the norm for Vietnamese schools and consultants.

AEG attracts the best and brightest from the top public and international schools in Vietnam and beyond, and helps them to access amazing education opportunities in the United States by reaching their full potential. We believe that every student has a dream, and it is our mission to see them achieve it.


AEG Vietnam has a 20-year history sending Vietnamese students to the best Boarding Schools in America.
Students who come to AEG can expect a high-level of care and personal attention to their individual dreams and goals to identify the best schools suited to their talents, interests and goals.

AEG’s Boarding School Consulting Service takes families from the very beginning stages of their inquiry all the way through the application and departure, looking to provide peace-of-mind and the best possible academic experience.

Students and parents will work in close consultation with Mr. Richard Sherwood and Ms. Hoan Khai Khuat, as well as AEG tutors and other counsellors, to realize their goals and dreams of attending the best schools in America.


We provide a vital service for students whose schools do not have a specialized college counsellor, and a valuable supplemental service for those who do.

We offer comprehensive services to help students understand and prepare for school selection, testing (TOEFL, ACT/SAT, SAT IIs, APs/ILs), resumes, the Common Application and its supplements, application variants, interviews, essays, aid forms, visa procedures, admissions forms, housing forms, course registration and more.

We help students determine the right classes, tests, and activities for them. We make sure they are asking the right questions to best demonstrate who they are and maximize their academic potential and personal development.
We uphold values of academic integrity in an American context and teach students to adhere the standard American University Honor Code.
We help our students anticipate and navigate cultural differences.

We offer bridge programming to ensure our students’ success during the application process and beyond. Recent courses include: Intensive Physics, Shakespeare and Gender, Writing and The Art of Character, The History of Race Relations in the US.
We help parents understand procedures, forms, US geography and schools in their native language and using common cultural reference points.

We tour US University campuses annually to ensure we have timely, comprehensive knowledge of the US college and university landscape.
We assist US colleges and universities with questions about Vietnam and its educational arena.
We have proudly assisted students of various nationalities including Vietnamese, American, Polish, Russian, South Korean, Japanese, French, and Czech.


  • Evaluation of student program and extracurricular interests, test scores, GPA, activities, etc
  • Evaluation of geographic and other preferences.
  • Creation of a balanced 10-school (ideal maximum) application list.
  • Explanation of school list based on likelihood of acceptance: safety, match, and reach school brackets.
  • Assistance with RD, EA and ED choices.
Yes No

  • Evaluation based on student interest and strengths.
  • Consultation on major selection in relation to admission.
  • Comparative analysis of optional majors.
No Yes

  • Assistance with Application, Future Plans, Demographics, Family, Education, Academics, and Honors Sections.
  • Recommendation letter writing and strategy.
  • Assistance with Activity List creation and refinement
  • Assistance with main essay idea generation and refinement.
  • Assistance with Sports and Arts Supplements
  • Assistance with schools not accepting the Common App.
No Yes

  • Critiques of Main Essay—no draft limit.
  • Critiques of Supplemental Essays (between 0 and 6 per school, depending on the school) —no draft limit.
  • Critiques of Scholarship Essays—no draft limit.
No Yes

  • Visa Assistance.
  • Matriculation questions and assistance.
  • Follow up on school progress and suitability.
  • Freshman year strategies.
No Yes