Name: Caitlin Worsham

Where are you from? Charleston, SC, USA

What did you study? BA in English with an Honors in Creative Writing from Brown University, and an MA in English from Tulane University

What is your teaching experience? I’ve been teaching and counseling in Vietnam for eight years and have over 13 years experience in these areas.  I specialize in academic and creative writing instruction, English literature and college counseling; and I’ve assisted over 400 students with boarding school, college and graduate school placement. During my time here I have developed an AEG-specific SAT teaching methodology and since I’m currently the Director of Academics and College Counseling, I have a great interest in curriculum development and implementation spanning all subjects. My teaching experience ranges from Brown University to Duke University to Suffolk University to Bunker Hill Community College to The Federal Correctional Institution of California in Dublin. I hold a BA in English with an Honors in Creative Writing from Brown University, and an MA in English from Tulane University. Additionally I am a partner of Worsham & Briggs, which is an affiliate company in the USA, and I’ve worked as a writer and editor for various news and editorial publications.

Why are you in Vietnam? Because the most amazing students I have ever encountered hail from here.

What do you enjoy about teaching? Learning something new every day. Getting to read copiously and talk about books. Getting people excited about the things that I love.

What are your interests that make you stand out? I am a lover of food and cooking. I once told Gordon Ramsay his bun was a bloated mess; alas my comment was edited out of the show Gordon Ramsay’s Great Escape prior to airing. I like jumping out of airplanes and sailing in cold waters. I’ve been to North Korea and plan to travel everywhere and endlessly. I’m a distance runner but not very fast. I can recite the opening of the Canterbury Tales in Middle English. I once had a dog named who Cocoa who met her death by gorging on a pound of Godiva chocolate

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