Name: Toni Comer

From: Born in New Zealand and I am an Australia citizen.

Relevant Qualifications
CELTA Teaching Certificate – Cambridge University recognised.

Relevant Experience
Ho Chi Minh teaching experience: Local Government Schools, English Centres, Kindergarten, Primary, Middle and High Schools. I have taught specialised communication classes for adults, interactive classes for children and summer school programs combining learning motor skills with English.

Why are you in Vietnam?
To live and work, to enrich the Vietnamese students lives by teaching them English so they can improve their education and future job opportunities. I wish to allow everyone the possibility of improving their life through active learning and inspiring a positive outlook on life. I have lived in Vietnam for one year and been here five times over the last ten years. I love the Vietnamese culture and learning from the local people about the customs and what makes this country so wonderful.

What do you enjoy about teaching?
I love watching the students grow in confidence and become comfortable speaking and understanding English. To share my knowledge and enrich the students outlook on life and the possibilities for their future. To open the minds and hearts of my students to make them excited about learning English and what it can do for them.

What are your interests that make you stand out?
I love making my student enjoy their learning experience, to make them active participants in the classroom and encourage lateral thinking about English and life. I have had wide experience in the corporate world and many industries including Engineering, Real Estate and Facilities Management. I enjoy on my time off helping the less fortunate of the community and inspiring others to help someone everyday and make them smile. A smile costs nothing and gives you everything.

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