I graduated with honors from Pacific University with a BA in Japanese, Spanish, and International Studies. After graduating from high school, I spent two years in Japan, and after college, I spent 15 years at Oregon Episcopal School where I taught Japanese, coached basketball, and developed an Asian History curriculum. In 1997, I was the first International Admission Director from an American boarding school to come to Vietnam. I found three amazing Vietnamese students who went on to receive scholarships and became the first Vietnamese students ever to enroll in an American boarding school. I knew then that I had found the best students in the world. Even after over 20 years working in education and advocating for Vietnamese students, they still continue to delight me with their strength and intelligence. Since Hoan and I started AEG Vietnam in 1997, we have helped place over 2,000 students in American boarding schools, colleges, and universities. Vietnam has changed a lot since then, and our students, smart and courageous, are a part of that change. I have traveled to 57 countries and I enjoy reading and golfing in my free time. If you see me on the golf course, come say hi.



I graduated from the University of Trade in 1993 and spent my early career working for the Canadian multinational ESSA until 1999, when I moved to the US. For more than eight years in America, I worked in the education field, primarily supporting Vietnamese students who had come to America to study. I saw that America is a country of opportunities, where students all over the world came to seek an education and, with it, chances to improve their lives. A lot of different organizations were giving generous scholarships to foreign students, but very few to South East Asian students, and definitely none to Vietnamese students. I asked myself why that was when Vietnamese students were no less smart or hard-working than the rest. This was when I decided to dedicate my life to supporting Vietnamese students to get the educational opportunities they deserve. Since we started AEG Vietnam in 1997, Rich and I have helped students worldwide receive more than $110 million in scholarships and financial aid. Our students have been admitted to top US boarding schools, colleges, and universities. I am very proud of what we have achieved together.



Like many AEG students, I finished my high school education in a boarding school; then I went on to get a BA in English with an Honors in Creative Writing from Brown University, and an MA in English from Tulane University. I've worked as an educational consultant in Vietnam for over a decade. Since beginning work with AEG, I've assisted in placing many hundreds of students in boarding schools, colleges, and graduate schools and have unique knowledge of and experience with the colleges and universities within the United States. I'm a member of NACAC, IECA, IACAC, the Charleston Chamber of Commerce, and the American Chamber of Commerce and was formerly a member of the Massachusetts Teachers Association. In the last 15 years, I’ve taught at the Duke Summer Program, the Brown Summer Program, Suffolk University, and Bunker Hill Community College in Boston. I specialize in academic and creative writing instruction, English literature, and college counseling. I believe education is a lifelong process, and I love my work. When I was my students’ age, I never thought I'd have a global lifestyle, and that's what's so exciting about working with young people: the career paths available in the future are limited only by the imagination. I never imagined that a massive hurricane and brutally cold winters in Boston would bring me to Hanoi, but here I am!



I used to be a violinist, a biologist, a regional F&B project manager, and a historian-in-training before finding my passion for admissions, data analytics, and education management at AEG. I’ve worked as an educational consultant in Vietnam for almost a decade and specialize in boarding and college counseling. As the director for counseling in AEG HCM, I’ve helped hundreds of students in boarding school and college admission. I’m a member of NACAC, IECA, IACAC, the American Chamber of Commerce, and the board for the Asian Leadership Trek.



I have a BA in Linguistics from the University of Utah with a minor in Spanish, but much of my Spanish was actually acquired during a two-year stint in Northern Spain. I teach all levels of academic English and writing, as well as Spanish, US History, and standardized test preparation for the SAT, SAT II Spanish, SAT II US History, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE. I want to motivate students to understand and adhere to rigorous academic standards and endeavor to inspire in them creativity and ingenuity. I firmly believe in the power of Vietnamese youth and am inspired by the work ethic and strength of the young students with whom I work.



I hold a BA in Psychology and Sociology from Gonzaga University. I started working in Vietnam in 2012 as an English and test prep tutor, specializing in SAT, ACT, TOEFL, SSAT, and academic reading and writing. Since then, I have transitioned into college counseling and developing test prep curriculum. During my time at AEG I've have worked with some seriously talented students. It has been really enjoyable watching them develop both academically and personally. I love reading great literature, discussing essays and history, and getting students excited about ideas and their underpinning philosophies as a way to get them to work on their English and writing.



I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business from State University of New York and have completed many graduate-level courses, including Classroom Innovations, Attention Deficit Disorder, Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning Differences, and Adolescent Adjustment at the University of Virginia and Salem State College. I have had close to 40 years of experience in boarding schools - as teacher, advisor, mentor, director of admissions, director of enrollment management, assistant head of school, associate head of school, and director of institutional advancement. I have also served on numerous regional and national organizations, including presiding over the Virginia Admissions Group, board membership on the Mid-Atlantic Episcopal School Association, the Admission Leadership Council, and am currently vice-president of Small Boarding Schools Association. I have presented at numerous conferences, including The Association of Boarding Schools, Independent Educational Consultant Association, Enrollment Management Association (SSATB), Small Boarding Schools Conference and the Association of Independent School Admissions Professionals Institute. AEG and I go way back to 2007 when I, along with three other schools, participated in the very first US boarding school fair in HCMC, an event that started my love affair with Vietnam. Passionate about the exceptional experience and education a US boarding school provides, through the years I have often shared that AEG students are my very favorite!
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