One of the questions AEG receives frequently is about scholarship and financial aid programs. AEG does not offer scholarships or financial aid, but we always strive to facilitate students in need financial assistance. AEG believes that elite learners deserve top learning opportunities, regardless of the family's means. As a result, AEG engages with parents, related schools and organizations to fund, support and help those learners to meet their expense.

Most students and families in Vietnam are interested in scholarships and financial aid. AEG's goal is to help talented students from Vietnam get funding to study in the US. There are two types of financial aid: performance-based support and in-need support performance-based support is provided based on an individual's academic ability. In short, if you have potential, you can get funding.
Meanwhile, support for those who is in need is provided depending on the family's social situation. Income, assets and investment factors will be considered. On average, AEG students receive financial aid totaling more than $5 million per year.

Private boarding schools have a policy of financial aid for students with the greatest needs and some schools will only invest in truly exceptional talent. However, parents are responsible for the payment of boarding schools commensurate with their personal income and assets. Parents must complete a personal financial statement ( This record will allow the National Association of Independent Schools to assess the family's financial ability with regards to tuition payments. AEG will also provide financial advice to students when applying to schools
Universities also have two types for financial aid: performance-based and in-need support. Families wishing to apply for financial aid must complete a financial aid application for international students through the School Board or private schools. Not all schools have policies to support international students, so choosing the right school is extremely important. Most schools will only provide financial assistance up to 50%, so families who want to apply for financial aid should also prepare at least the equivalent amount of funding.
AEG is committed to providing maximum support for students to have the opportunity to study in the US, regardless of the family's wealth levels. Since each family and student have different conditions, we look forward to discussing their respective family situation together to assist them in finding funding to cover study’s expense.
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